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Are you wearing/applying the correct foundation? It’s a tough question and a hard step to choose the right colour for your skin. I will keep it simple for you.

Understanding colour theory is an important step.


Primary colours are blue, yellow and red.

Complementary colours, which are opposite colours on the colour wheel.

Red is opposite to green

Blue is opposite to orange

Yellow is opposite to purple

What’s the role of the foundation?

– to even out your skin and colour corrects

– it brightens

– gives luminosity

– comes in light, medium and full coverage


✖️most common undertones – pink and yellow

✖️some will present green undertones,(Mediterranean, North African, Indian)

✖️some will present blue or red undertones (African)

✖️the face and body are can have different tones

✖️ The neck is always lighter as protected form the sun.

Choosing your foundation.

The main question is, should I colour match or colour correct?

Colour correct.

I use complementary colour theory when choosing my foundation to even the skin tones.

For example.
Skin tone with green or yellow undertone, I choose a foundation more pink based to balance the undertone.

I do the same with a foundation with pink undertones or redness. By choosing a foundation yellow based to absorb the redness from the skin.

This technique works with a light coverage foundation only.

Colour match.

This applies when I choose a thicker coverage or when the skin tone is neutral and doesn’t need to be corrected.
I will always check my foundation on the chest first, to make sure the face and body are matched perfectly.

AnnissBarton photographers

Photo: AnnissBarton
Model: Lauren Addams
Makeup: Charlotte Ravet

Tips and tricks
✖️When working on a model for photography or live shows, always check the colour on the shoulder
The colour on the shoulder is often more tanned and slightly more yellow
✖️when colour matching your client who has a fake tan, I go one or two shades darker than the body as the face is rarely tanned
This way the lightness of the skin balances with the darker foundation
✖️When choosing a foundation for yourself, always ask for a sample and try it under natural lighting
✖️keep the colour on for a few hours, checking to see if the foundation formula doesn’t oxides and darken

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